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week one

Posted on 2008.09.29 at 10:22
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Been here a week now and the time seems to fly by. Something about Spain means that the days are more unpredictable than I am used to, not that tiratanaloka was all that predictable. Here you wander into town and bump into someone and they suggest going for a drink… right then, not tomorrow, not next week, then as you are sitting on the pavement other people wander by and join you before you know it lunch becomes afternoon, becomes evening. There isn’t much forward planning, no getting out of diaries and I’ve yet to bump into someone who was in a hurry to get anywhere!

We basically spent the week getting ourselves set up at home and spending time with various people that Padmadharini knows from her time at Akasavana. The week also overlapped with Amarasraddha and ratnadharini being here so it was nice to have a bit of my Tiratanaloka world here in Spain during the transition. Me and Pd seem to get along ever so well with the only challenge so far being that the apartment we are living in is basically one big room so we really have to synchronise what we are doing and it is harder and takes more discipline for us each to get on with our own thing.

Tomorrow we start working on the house, though we are still aiting for planning permission for the extension we are going to work on the old bit with Howard. So I expect to be learning rendering, yesosing (which is like plastering but rougher) and tiling all in the next couple of weeks. There is so much to learn, how to harvest the olives and take care of the trees for a start, it is a bumper crop this year and then figuring out what to grow in the way of fruit trees and vegetables. Also my biggest problem is going to be not speaking the language which I think will become more and more frustrating. Still I have started learning a Spanish Christmas song with the intention of mastering it by Christmas!

I’m enjoying exploring the old town and have posted some pictures on flickr, it is a wabi sabi paradise (if that is not too much of a contradiction!).

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