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in the tower

Posted on 2008.09.23 at 18:01

Hola! We arrived in Valderrobres after a little road trip across France which was fairly uneventful. We had started out thinking we would take the non toll roads and spent a pleasant few hours meandering through pretty French villages (they are into their garden ornaments aren’t they?) we then realised that we were getting nowhere fast, so took ourselves on to the toll roads which were dull, expensive and much quicker. It felt good to cross the boarder into Spain, where the temperature went up, the price of petrol down, and the coffee tasted much better. While the roads were bumpier there was not a garden ornament in sight!

We arrived Saturday evening, in time to unpack a few essentials and have a chat with Howard who’s a friend, the builder of our house and our current semi landlord (in that he lives with Carmen some of the time). It is one of Carmen’s apartments that we are staying in, she lives in a 13th cen tower which is the oldest building in Valderrobres, older even than the castle. It is just 5 mins walk into town and if you walk out the other way you get to our house. She is renting it to us at a very good price, I guess as a favour, they are like that the Spanish they have a strong sense of community and family and are good at looking after one another.

So all has worked out really well accommodation wise. Then the other good news is that the blue Cafe has wifi and so has another bar in town which we have yet to try out. Our plan had been to try and set up some kind of internet connection trough mobile phone type technology which would have been complicated and slow but wifi in town takes the pressure off so that we can look into a few alternatives.

I guess so far it feels a little like being on holiday, except we have spent our time in phone shops and sorting out other practical things. I think there will come a point where I realise that I am not going home! Meanwhile I now know how to order the coffees and buy bread…. Must get on with the Spanish lessons.

Hasta luego Xx


gentlybreathing at 2008-09-23 20:08 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, it looks so gorgeous and cute and homey. You must be in Cancerian heaven :)
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