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usa, road trip

first stop amsterdam

Posted on 2009.03.27 at 07:28
Current Location: winchester
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i am now 'on the road', first stop was amsterdam. it is always great to be there as i have quite a few close friends that live in holland. my friend annemieke vacates her lovely apartment in old bit of town and gives me the key, though this time she stayed too for a while so we got to hang out which i enjoyed. i was there to do a couple of things at the buddhist centre and then to stay on for terry and moksagandhi's wedding, in between i went to stay with my good friend manigarbha near utrecht.

i was pleased with how my first weekend on the yogacara went, i feel the more i reflect on it the more simply i am able to talk about it. i had an email from sudarshini the other day which i think hit the nail on the head when she said that though the teachings are elusive the effect of reflecting on them is amazing. it seems to me that these teachings are a way of seeing the world that really effects and opens up our experience. they definitely bring about a different quality of mindfulness, almost an intimacy, with everything around us. feels like the beginning of an exploration for me, and i can see how helpful it is going to be to keep coming back to this theme and to explore it with others.

then the wedding. padmadharini came for the weekend, as did vidyalila, so that was a treat. then various people descended on amsterdam from the uk and the rest of holland. it was a beautiful day and after a simple and very personal ceremony we all got to go on a canal boat around the city with someone singing old amsterdam songs accompanied by the accordion. i loved it. then back to the cafe for 'turns', which included lots of sing-alongs, then chatting and dancing the night away. it was the perfect wedding really and felt like a celebration of love and friendship and family.

next stop, southampton, winchester and bristol.

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